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DREAMLINE SAUNA ACCESSORIES DreamLine Classic line of Sauna Accessories give you maximum enjoyment from your sauna by adding personality, convenience, and luxury. Add that personal touch to your favorite room in the house. Great for gift giving, too!
Complete line of sauna accessories is displayed below.
Model No. Item Description Prices
BLAC1 Vapor-Lok Wall Mount Sauna Light
BLAC2 Vapor-Lok Ceiling Sauna Light
BLAC3 Vapor-Lok Recess Sauna Light
BLAC4 Sliding Adjustable Vent
BLAC5 Corner Lampshade
BLAC6 Vent Grill (Cedar or Redwood)
BLAC7 Diagonal Backrest
BLAC8 Wooden Water Bucket
BLAC9 Wooden Ladle
BLAC10 Sauna Headrest
BLAC11 Sauna Pillow
BLAC12 Hygrometer Teardropped
BLAC13 Hygrometer/Thermometer H (not shown)
BLAC14 Hygrometer/Thermometer
BLAC15 Audio Transducer
BLAC16 Thermometer Teardropped
BLAC17 Skirting Panel (horizontal)
BLAC18 Skirting Panel (vertical)
BLAC19 Sauna Sign
BLAC20 Wooden Clock
BLAC21 Hygrometer
BLAC22 Thermometer
BLAC23 Thermometer BA
BLAC24 Hygrometer BA
BLAC25 Thermometer C
BLAC26 Hygrometer C
BLAC27 Hygrometer/Thermometer E
BLAC28 Wall Mount Lampshade
BLAC29 Sandtimer
BLAC30 Hourglass
BLAC31 Book Rack
BLAC32 Wooden Tub
BLAC33 Sauna-Kleena
BLAC34 Eucalyptus Fragrance
BLAC35 Menthol Fragrance (not shown)
BLAC36 Caribbean Fragrance (not shown)
BLAC37 Wintergreen Fragrance (not shown)
BLAC38 Sample Pack A (Spruce Resinous, Northern Birch, Eucalyptus, Ice Mint)
BLAC39 Sample Pack B (Euca-menthol, Mountain Pine, Camomile, Mountain Herbs)
BLAC40 Sample Pack C (Citrus, Forest Berry, Passion Fruit, Mauritius)
BLAC41 Sample Pack D (Mango, Lavender, Lime, Red Apple)
BLAC42 Copper Bucket and Ladle
BLAC43 Four-peg Towel Bar
BLAC44 Two-peg Towel Bar
BLAC45 Brush Set (2 brushes)
BLAC46 Brush Set (4 brushes) not available
BLAC47 Body Massage
BLAC48 Standard Fiberoptic Lights
BLAC49 Commercial Fiberoptic White Lights
BLAC50 Commercial Fiberoptic Lights/Multi-Color
BLAC51 Transformer (Fiber Optic Lighting / 120v to 240v)
BLAC52 Collage SC Thermometer/Hygrometer/Hourglass
BLAC53 Lockable Cover A
BLAC54 Lockable Cover B
BLAC55 Fragrance Holder
BLAC56 Water Sprinkler
BLAC57 Tylo Fresh with Control
BLAC58 Lighting Tube 50
BLAC59 Lighting Tube 90
BLAC60 Lighting Tube 190
BLAC61 Light Transformer 12V (not shown)
BLAC62 White Bath Sheet
BLAC63 White Bath Robe
BLAC64 Thermometer ED
BLAC65 Sauna Stones
BLAC66 Heater Guard (2-8kW)
BLAC67 Heater Guard (11-16kW)
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